EALD Work Samples


Level 2:
EALD Level2 Recount

Sentence structures: Begins to string words together to approximate a simple sentence in spoken texts.

Level 3:
EALD Level 3 Recount
Sentence structure Begins to compose simple sentence to record and report events with varying accuracy and relying on repetitive structures. Begins to link ideas in a text with the simplest coordinating (linking) conjunction ‘and’

Level 4:
EALD Level 4 Recount
Sentence structure Composed mostly complete simple sentences that may include a circumstance. Begins to compose compound sentences with varying accuracy, linking ideas with the simplest coordinating (linking) conjunctions: and, and then

Level 5:
EALD Level 5 Recount
Sentence structure Composes mostly accurate simple sentences. Composes compound sentences formed by a small range of coordinating (linking) conjunctions with varying accuracy: and, so

Level 6:
EALD Level 6 Recount
Sentence structure Composes simple sentences with short noun groups and one or two circumstances. Composes compound sentences formed by a range of coordinating (linking) conjunctions: and, but, so

Level 7:
EALD Level 7 Recount
Sentence structure Begins to construct more developed simple sentences by adding circumstances. Constructs basic complex sentences: * using a small range of common subordinating (binding) conjunctions: When … *using a limited range of basic, ‘spoken-like’ non-finite clauses with varying accuracy – to go, playing, to take, etc.

Level 7:
EALD Level 8 Recount

Level 8:
EALD Level 8 Recountp1

EALD Level 8 Recount p2
Sentence structure Constructs more developing simple sentences by adding circumstances and/ or expanding noun groups. Constructs compound sentences, often combining several ideas, perhaps using two coordinating (linking) conjunctions in one sentence: and, and then, so Constructs complex sentences: *Using a greater range of subordinating ) binding conjunctions: after, * using a range of basic ‘spoken-like’ non-finite clauses * beginning to use relative pronouns but with varying accuracy: where, which

Level 9:
EALD Level 9 Recount p1

EALD Level 9 Recount p2

Sentence structure Constructs effective compound sentences to make appropriate connections between ideas through a range of coordinating (linking) conjunctions: and, and then, or Constructs complex sentences to develop and expand ideas using: * a wide range of common subordinating (binding) conjunctions to express relationships of time and cause and effect: because, after that, once, so, * a small range of relative pronouns with varying accuracy: which,

Level 10:
EALD Level 10 Recount p1

EALD Level 10 Recount p2

Level 10+:
EALD Level 10+ Recount p1

EALD Level 10+ Recount p2
Sentence structure Begins to vary length and structure of sentences for effect. Constructs a variety of clause and sentence structures to elaborate, extend or explain ideas, including complex sentences using: * a wider range of subordinating (binding) conjunctions: while, until, once, * more non-finite clauses: to be, to collect, we’re going to be, driving, * relative pronouns with greater choice and accuracy: that, which, where,

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