Here’s the link to the Skoolbo website for you to have a look at. I will email your login details.


  • matches questions to the level of the student
  • focuses on reading and number fact skills
  • will be good for fluency practice (homework)
  • very engaging
  • motivating – points, avatar and room, ‘superhero suit for a week’, etc.
  • builds in complexity as student answers questions correctly
  • teachers can monitor progress
  • easy login system
  • each class has been set up, teachers can use the ‘test’ student that has been set up to explore/ model

Aspects to consider:

  • sound is an integral part of the program so each student needs a headset when working at school
  • parents will need information about how to support students at home (downloading program)
  • Skoolbo has been added to all computers in the computer room and in the early years. If you want to download it on others computers please let me know.


  • Click on the Skoolbo icon on the screen
  • Students will need to enter their normal login (for the computer) on the first screen to get them through the proxy server
  • Click on your class
  • Click on your name
  • The passwords have all been set to black bee, but can be changed by individual students as needed.
  • Students will be directed to choose their avatar and then they click on ‘Play’ to start.
  • Have fun!


Teacher Guide:

Maths Diagnostic Testing

Here are some suggestions for Maths diagnostic tests that can help to assess where students’ understandings are:

  • George Booker tests Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Fractions
  • Place Value Mental Routine – in Ann Baker’s book
  • Decimal Number test p.32 of article attached to this post (Understanding Place Value, 2004 – understanding_place_value-1m3b2tw)
  • First Steps Maths diagnostic tasks – various depending on which aspect you want to assess
  • Maths Intervention Kit
  • One Minute Maths Tests – to test fluency of quick recall of basic number facts