iSHAMPOO – A Figurative Language Acronym

School Collaboration:

Read, share, enjoy the Book Week books with your class.

Keep your eye out for examples of figurative language:


As you find examples of these, write them as a quote on coloured pieces of paper.


Alliteration example

I will set up a display in the library.

Let’s see how many we can collect.


Australian Curriculum Links
Onomatopoeia – Year 3 – introduce as ‘sound’ words prior to this – Many of this year’s picture books have great examples.
Alliteration – Year 1, Year 3
Similes – Year 5
Metaphors – Year 5 – Year 6 (Use)
Personification – Year 5

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Wetlands – Resources for Early Years Classes – Term 2

Great Units of Work here:

Urbrae Wetlands:


Mayfly Nymph Info sheet (UK)


Our local invertebrates:

Video snippets (links if videos above don’t work):
Butterflies –
Spiders –
Termites –

Teaching Resources:

Living Waterways (WCA updated WEB)[1]




Garden Detective interactive:

Scootle Resources:
Dragon’s jumble series: L7862 dream: four parts, L7863 garden: four parts, L7864 dream: three parts, L7865 garden: three parts
Finding symmetry: one line series: L7800 garden, L7803 city
L2345 Kitchen stacker 1
Garden detective series: L1118 explore an Australian garden, L1119 group Australian animals
L1358 Life cycles: butterflies
L1147 Food chains: what is a food chain?
R4138 Pupa of a Ulysses butterfly camouflaged as a leaf
R5372 Huntsman spider
R5576 Rock grasshopper among rocks
R5577 Long-legged sandhopper
R5578 Redlined geometrid caterpillar
R4820 Adult male white-stemmed gum moth
R4136 Pupa of a Richmond birdwing butterfly
R5575 Long-spinneret bark spider on a tree trunk
R5643 Wing and body shapes, colour patterns and antennae of some Australian moths and butterflies

Units of Work:


The First 21 Days of a Bee’s Life

Assessment of Sentence Structure

These assessment sheets may be useful to keep track of student progress in relation to sentence structure. Let me know if any changes are needed. You may need to use several sheets and glue them together, depending on where your students are on the continuum.Sentence Structure Analysis photo