Living Things R-2 Resources

Inquiry Learning – Kath Murdoch PD 28th March

Visible Thinking Strategies

Dan Meyer resources:

Strategies to engage/ provide evidence – formative assessment:

  • Give One, Get One
  • Goal for the day at roll call
  • Today’s challenge is…
  • Self manager goals –
  • Goal is: (photos placed by individual students next to the goal that pertains to them
  • Think Ink Link
  • Think Make Link
  • Agree Disagree – lists, continuum, justify position
  • Then I thought Now I think – Reflection Bridge
  • Comprehension strategy – code text – Connect (C), Extend (E), Challenge (Ch)
  • Flat chat – democratic, shared time, thinking captured (baseline data – growth in thinking measurable)
  • Full circle – Responding to questions, discuss as a group, add an answer, go to next question. Rotate until all questions answered.
  • Sentence starters for Reflective Thinking (helps to scaffold the language)
  • Gradual Release of Responsibility – I do, We do, You do
  • Flip of this – You try, we discuss, I do (refinement)
  • Reflective Teaching strategy
  • Bin it, Add it, Keep it, Tweak it
  • Learning intentions posed as a question to invite students into learning from an inquiry perspective