Global Project – ‘A Week in the Life’

The year 6 classes have signed up to be involved in the global project titled ‘A Week in the Life’. Students will join others from the United States, Thailand, Nepal, Bulgaria and New Zealand to connect, communicate and explore environmental issues of local and global significance.

The essential questions we aim to answer:
1. What are the similarities and differences among children around the world?
2. How can we connect with each other through our commonalities?
3. How does your geography, history and lifestyle of where you live impact your topic?
4. What are essential solutions to researched global issues and how can we share these?

Students will communicate through Edmodo – an educational ‘Facebook’ type environment, and create artifacts in teams with students around the world.

The first part of this project is the Handshake phase where students introduce themselves to each other.

I will look forward to sharing some of the learning throughout this project.