Maths Proficiencies – High Band Strategy

Thanks Libby for creating the following rubric:
Maths Assessment Criteria Rubric-115uqwg

Formative Assessment strategies to add to your tool kit:

In this example, students fill out an exit pass and place it into the relevant box to show their level of understanding. The next day the teacher pairs up the level 3 and 4 students with students at the level 2 stage, asking level 2 students to ask lots of clarifying questions to their peers to really bring them into ‘the learning pit’. This allows opportunity for teacher to work more intensively with the students at level 1.

To enable students to activate each other as agents of their own learning, students can be encouraged to daily take up opportunities to:

  • offer help
  • accept help
  • politely decline help so that you can try by yourself
  • ask for help
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