Good Maths Tasks – Reference Points

Low Floor – High Ceiling Tasks:

1. Open up the task so that there are multiple methods, pathways, and representations.
2. Include inquiry opportunities.
3. Ask the problem before teaching the method.
4. Add a visual component and ask students how they see the mathematics.
5. Extend the task to make it lower floor and higher ceiling.
6. Ask students to convince and reason; be skeptical.

Jo Boaler recommends these sites:


NCTM: (membership required to access some of the resources

NCTM Illuminations:

Balanced Assessment:

Math Forum:

Shell Centre:

Dan Meyer’s resources:


Video Mosaic project:


Estimation 180:

Visual Patterns; grades K-12:

Number Strings:

Mathalicious, grades 6-12; real-world lessons for middle and high school:

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