I have recently been reading Kath Murdoch’s new book, The Power of Inquiry, and have gathered some different questioning techniques that I will be using this term with classes. Feel free to use what is useful to you.


Chinese Moon Lantern Festival

The Moon Lantern Festival will be celebrated in Adelaide on Sunday September 18th.

We are planning to celebrate on Thursday 22nd September by involving several classes in making paper lanterns. Parents have been invited to help classes and Chinese students have been learning some of the stories that go with this Autumn- Harvest festival. (It will provide an opportunity to talk about opposite seasons in northern and southern hemispheres.)

At this stage we have had indications from Rooms 1, 2, 3, 5 and 9 to be involved. A variety of different types on lanterns will be on offer depending on the age and abilities of students.

If you would like to involve your class here are some ideas to get you started. (I have included ideas for different ability levels so scroll through to find suitable resources.) Your Chinese speaking students will also be a great resource again. If you are having trouble with accessing the links from the internet, look for them on T share: Teach Info: Moon Lantern Festival.

Stories associated with the festival

Options for Paper Lantern making:

Paper lanterns