Analysing Narratives – Using the EALD Language and Literacy Levels – Staff Meeting 24th February 2016

Suggested order to explore texts:
 – foregrounding
 – noun groups
 – verbs
 – circumstances

NB: Decide on some benchmarks – to ensure consistency. Check with your year level colleagues that a Level 6 (for example) looks the same.

Refer to moderated evidence here (Narratives) and here (our Recounts from 2015).

Notes page to help with assigning a level:
EALD Notes for Assigning a level
EALD Notes

Oral Proforma from Moderated Evidence

2016 Oral Proforma from Mod Evidence p 1 Oral Proforma Mod Evid

Some Year Levels Teams might like to explore these areas in further depth:




Where to next?
Maintain teaching focus on Sentence Structure and expand to also explicitly teach Text Cohesion.
There are some great suggestions here for explicit teaching:

Teaching Strategies:
teachingstrategies_1 (1)

Words Their Way – Resources

The online site for Words Their Way is up and running – much more effectively now! Check it out by going to the link on the right hand side of this blog, under the heading ‘Links’.

Once you have logged in using the Username and Password (emailed to you), go to the ‘Assessment’ tab. There you will be able to create your class and start to enter each student’s test results. (Don’t bother to mark the tests before entering, as you do this as you go along.)

The program will then analyse the results showing you exactly where each students strengths and needs are: whether that be digraphs, short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, etc. It will also show you where each student lies on a spelling developmental continuum.

WTW Spell Dev Contin

If you look up ‘Words Their Way’ on Pinterest, or teacher blogs you will find plenty of resources to help.
WTW organisation

Here are some resources you might like to access:

A video showing Year 5 students at Plympton PS


Chinese New Year Resources

Google images of Chinese New Year

How to make dumplings

Narrative Prompts – Some suggestions

Here are some narrative prompts to help you choose something that would be useful for your students. Could teachers please get together to decide which prompt they will use:
– Receptions – will orally retell a well known story
– Year 1/2 – a fluffy green frog used as a prompt
– Year 3-6 – Trouble prompt (see below)
– Year 7 – Through the doors

Please decide with your group the exact wording to be used by the teacher when introducing the prompt. Explicit teaching is not required at this stage of baseline data collection. Confirm the prompt and wording with Nicola, Julie or Daniela prior to undertaking the task with students.


A special Summer Day

Cow Story
Cow Story

Strange Events prompt
Narrative Promptstrange events
Past NAPLAN prompt:

The Box

Narrative prompt the box

Danger prompt


Missing Parts
Missing Parts



Touch down
Touch down
Fine details

Fine details


Staff Meetings and PD – Term, 2016

1 Whole staff adminSwimming week, acquaintance night, overviews, student leaders induction, SRC reps Planning teams
3 Acquaintance Night & Nature Play showcase (re: Master Plan)
4 Whole staff admin Planning teams (L & L support)
6 Kids Matter update
7 Partnership meeting
8 Whole staff admin Planning teams (L & L support)
9 Parent Interviews
10 PLC
11 Celebrations