Reconciliation Week Resources

Website with significant events ordered on a timeline. Famous paintings to focus discussion on Aboriginal lifestyles prior to European settlement.
Teacher Resource to go with this:

Reconciliation SA Education Packs – ideas for Early Years, Primary and Middle Years.

Citizenship_Lets_Talk_Recognition (1)


Song: The Journey

Refer to The Dreaming – A teacher reference resource with a DVD of Dreaming Stories from different parts of Australia, several from SA.

Splash/ ABC – Lots of different content appropriate for different year levels

Dreaming Stories:

Country/ Place

Teacher Resource:

Indigenous Language Map

Teaching Resources:

There are also many resources on Scootle. Get there directly from the Learnlink homepage now!
Other resources:
The Burnt Stick, Anthony Hill – A story about a child removed from his mother. Very powerful. A copy is in our library.

Idjhil, Helen Bell – A story about a child removed from his people/ country. We have a copy in our library.

Archie Roach – Took the Children Away – Song related to Stolen Generation

The Rabbits, Shaun Tan – A metaphorical story related to colonisation.

Noel Pearson’s Eulogy at Gough Whitlam’s funeral would be a great literary challenge for year 6/7 students. Although lots of complex language is used, it is very powerful and gives a good summary of more recent Aboriginal history through one man’s perspective.

Mabo Website – Lots of resources – Middle Years

Vincent Lingiari

Aboriginal History in Pictures, a PowerPoint

Aboriginal History Pictures

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