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Writing Task – Reminder
Just a quick note to remind teachers to complete the next writing task with their classes. The pieces of writing will be needed for the Pupil Free Day in Week 4.
R-2 Information Report
3-7 Persuasive Argument

The aim of the writing task is to:
• find out what students can do independently
• gain information (data) to inform literacy planning, compare student achievement, compare student growth
Please negotiate with your year level teams to ensure consistency in terms of the topic and prompt. Several have been uploaded to the TfELatNPS blog for your reference.

Maintaining consistency in approach:
• Explain the aim of the writing task (as above) – using student appropriate language – brief 5-10 minutes
• Don’t give a proforma, but ensure the student attends to any information on the prompt provided
• Use appropriate technical language to explain eg. ‘a persuasive argument’, ‘the title’, ‘should include an introduction’, ‘reasons’ and a ‘conclusion’
• Writing time should be based on what a teacher expects a student can manage at a particular year level (eg. NAPLAN)
• Allow 5- 10 for students to plan
• Some instructions for writing such as:
o “You now have x minutes to do your writing”
o This is a first draft.
o It is a chance to show the very best writing you can do.
o Remember to look at your plan to help you.
o Do your best to finish your writing in the time you have.
o At the end of the writing time you will have 5 minutes to read through and edit your work.
• Allow 5 minutes at the end for students to check and edit their work.
See me if you have further questions.

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