Cyber Safety Resources

Cyber Safety skills to be taught as part of the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum

Scope and sequence

R-2 3-5 6-9
Online Safety Media classifications Being aware on the internet
Video media and computer games Online abuse
Television programs Abuse using mobile phones
Internet Sexting
Photographs and digital images Developing a cyber safety fact sheet
Magazines Cyber safety and the law

Resources appropriate for Reception to Year 7 can be found:



General Capabilities Parent Information Sheets

General Capability Continua

Effective Instruction with Differentiation and Continuous Monitoring

Assistive Supports




Strategic Intervention


Assistive supports – specialised equipment, technologies, medical or physical devices, and other resources that help students

Remediation – strategies that teach students specific, usually prerequisite, skills to help them master broader curricular, scope and sequence, or benchmark objectives

Accommodations – change conditions that support student learning – such as the classroom setting or setup, how and where instruction is presented, the length of instruction, the length or time frame for assignments, or how students are expected to respond to questions or complete assignments.

Modifications – involve changes in curricular content – it’s scope, depth, breadth, or complexity

If target students don’t respond more significant or complex approaches from the next areas may be needed:

Strategic interventions – focus on changing students’ specific academic skills or strategies, their motivation, or their ability to comprehend, apply, analyse, synthesise, or evaluate academic content and material. Strategic interventions typically involve multidisciplinary assessments.

Compensatory Approaches– help students to compensate for disabilities that cannot be changed or overcome